Design and Build of Exhibition Stands

Ambience for your Ambitions

Ambience: an atmosphere or mood. We provide more than simply the walls of an exhibition stand, we create an experience, a meaningful space where both you and your clients feel good. Our clients are always well cared for in an attractive environment created by us for you.

Since 1997 we have been dedicated to the provision of exhibition stands throughout Europe, in Asia, the Near East and the USA. Our watchwords are perfect quality and clean design, and we work with an eye for each and every little detail. We aim to fully understand our clients´ exhibiting objectives and to create just the right atmosphere for them at the trade fair. On top of looking and feeling just right the stands are absolutely practical: user-friendly for you and your clients. We are a flexible and experienced company and we are pleased to offer clients our skills and know-how to make your exhibition experience a great succcess.

As well as the creation of traditional exhibition stands we now offer something new:
Ambistand which brings the best return in terms of atypical appearance and stand price.

20 Years in Exhibitions

We carry out projects around the world.

Since 1997 we have provided more than a thousand exhibition stands across the continents. Whether it is a grand exhibition event, an outdoor event or an individual presentation,in every instance we try to meet the needs of our client and create just the right atmosphere to make the event a great success.


Our good reputation stands upon our experience, precision and ability to create, construct and deliver even the most demanding projects on time. From humble beginnings the company has steadily grown and in 2004 became a private limited company. We lay great emphasis on innovation, developing new technology and we follow the latest trends and design tweaks. At the same time our approach to prouction ensures that the client saves costs.

Ambistand – revolutionary technology

We are always creating something new for our clients. Now we have introduced our own Ambistand Technology which brings a welcome ratio between price and performance. The secret to this is a sophisticated design offering the maximum space for creativity which, at the same time maintains our high standards. All of this comes at minimum expense.


Winning standTECHNISTONE, ForArch exhibition, Prague2014
1st place (3 times)VIADRUS Stand, Infoterma exhibition2012, 2013, 2015
1st placeRomotop stand2014

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Ivo Kalvoda
general manager
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Iveta Stloukalová
account manager, italian
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Andrej Kalvoda
account manager, english, german
T: +420 737 832 591

Mikuláš Kalvoda
account manager, english, french
T: +420 731 943 991

Jiří Chmela
manager of production
T: +420 601 367 212


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